Xalet´s Caesar salad with farm poultry breast confit 16,80 €

Smoked sardine salad, grilled vegetables and comfit potatoes 19,70 €

Our bravas potatoes, with “allioli” (garlic mayonnaise) and spicy romesco 14,70 €

Duck foie terrine, nuts-bread toasts and wine aspic 19,80 €

Vegetables roll made with rice pasta, soy and light roasted salmon dices 19,30 €

Dices of tuna softly vinegar-marinated, vegetables and kimchi 21,10 €

Low temperature-cooked egg, parmentier with soubressade and bread crumble alioli-scented 22,15 €

Mozzarela on strawberries, tomato and basil 18,50 €

Steak Tartar 29,65 €

El Xalet de Montjuïc - carta- Barcelona

Xalet’s Caesar salad with farm poultry breast confit

El Xalet de Montjuïc - carta - Barcelona

Raviolis with foie and pumpkin


Acorn Iberian cured ham, freshly cut 28,90 €

Fried artichokes leafs with mustard cream scented with Champagne 15,30 €

Anchovies from Cantabrian sea with olive oil and Calamate olives 18,20 €

Big dices of cod in tempura dressed with romesco sauce 16,80 €

Marinated salmon in tempura, kombu seaweed, soy mayonnaise and roe 18,90 €

Warm king-prawn salad with selected acorn-fed cured ham, pear, pistachio and foie strips 23,95 €

Guacamole ¨pico de gallo¨ with marinated shrimps 18,40 €

Fresh tuna tartar with wasabi sauce and sprouts 20,80 €

Grilled octopus with sweet potatoes, garlic and oil mousseline and “de la Vera” red paprika 23,60 €

Rigatoni with tomato, basil and ricotta along with a crunchy butter and herbs cookie 13,90 €

Hummus with crunchy vegetables, and fake beetroot sand 15,80 €

Bread service 2,15 €

Crystal Coca (thin crisp toasted bread) with tomato 3,95 €

Fishing boat brought…

Cod grilled trunk with bittersweet onion and cuttlefish noodles dressed with garlic, parsley and ink 25,85 €

Grilled tuna, vegetables wok-style, soy and honey sauce 26,70 €

Sailor´s style monkfish casserole with clams 31,25 €

Grilled prawns from Palamós s/m

Baked, charcoal – broiled, in salt or Biscayan style fishes served with sautéed vegetables s/m

Roasted scallops with hearts of artichokes comfit, vinegar-marinated onion broth and belly pork 28,50 €

Grilled turbot with little sauteed potatoes, spring onion, tomato and Calamata olives 33,75 €

With “bomba rice” from Delta del Ebro

Mixed Paella, Xalet style 21,50 €
Juicy rice with “Maine lobster” 32,30 €
Seafood “fideuà” (noodle paella) with wild cuttlefish and shrimps 26,65 €
Artichokes and baby squids paella 26,50 €

All raw or semi raw products served in fulfillment of the RD 1420/2006

El Xalet de Montjuïc - carta

Grilled turbot with lime meunière sauce, potatoes and Piquillo Peppers

El Xalet de Montjuïc - carta - Barcelona

Mixed Paella, Xalet style

El Xalet de Montjuïc - carta

Deer with wild fruits and cacao sauce

Soap meals

Cuttlefish ragout (stew) with vegetables 22,50 €
Roasted veal shank with vegetables and mashed potatoes (2 people) 28,70 €

The best pastures

Charcoal – broiled veal fillet garnished with shallots and roasted potatoes 29,50 €

Veal “Meloso” (sweet, juicy) with parmentière, demi-glace and vegetable chips 26,90 €

Confit of duck with a little honey and citrus cake 23,30 €

Crunchy boneless lamb shoulder, with bread with tomato 32,10 €

Our meat in salt Xalet style, with green Padrón peppers 29,10 €

Coquelet chicken, low temperature-cooked and roasted with mellow wine 27,90 €

All raw or semi raw products served in fulfillment of the RD 1420/2006


El Xalet de Montjuïc - carta - Barcelona

Lukewarm banana cake


Lukewarm banana cake, foam of cheese and coconut, “toffee” syrup and a scoop of chocolate 12,90 €

Frozen sphere of peanut ice-cream covered with chocolate on a salted cookie, topped
with shavings of chocolate and strawberries 11,80 €

Chocolate temptation 12,80 €


Recommended wines

White wine

Giró Ribot Blanc de Blancs (D.O. Penedès) Macabeo i Xarel.lo 

Analivia (D.O. Rueda) Verdejo-Viura

Pulpo Blanco (D.O. Rías Baixas) Albariño

Red wine

Arnegui Reserva (D.O. Rioja) Tempranillo 
Rocaplana (D.O. Penedès) Syrah 


Torelló Brut Nature Macabeo, Xarel.lo i Parellada 

Juvé i Camps Reserva Cinta Púrpura Brut Macabeo, Xarel.lo i Parellada 

Oriol Rossell Brut Nature Macabeo, Xarel.lo i Parellada 


Henri Abelé Millésime Chardonnay i Pinot Noir

Möet & Chandon, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier i Pinot Noir

Sweet wines for deserts

Vi de glass (D.O. Penedès)

Moscatell Gran Feudo (D.O.Navarra)

Pedro Ximénez F. de Castilla (D.O. Jerez)

Garnacha Vendimia Tardía (D.O. Penedès)

Sauternes Château Lamothe (D.O. Sauternes)

Oporto Noval 10 Años (D.O. Valle del Pinhâo)