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Coca bread with tomato and extra virgin olive oil
3,95 €
Cantabrian anchovies with Kalamata olives, tomatoes and olive oil spheres
20,80 €
Hand cut Iberian han "Juan Manuel"
28,50 €
Cod dices in tempura with "Romesco" sauce
19,80 €
Homemade croquettes with Iberian ham "Juan Manuel"
15,80 €
Grilled clams with lemon and virgin olive oil
28,60 €
Manchego cheese fitters
12,80 €


Varied leaf salad with tomato and Kalamata olives
14,00 €
Caesar salad with low-temperature cooked chicken and our special sauce
17,50 €
Duck's liver terrine with small dried fruit toasts and sweet wine jelly
23,90 €
Tuna tartar with oyster sauce and soy, avocado emulsion and "Pico de gallo"
27,80 €
Rigattoni with tomato sauce, ricotta and fresh basil
13,90 €
Grilled octopus with slow-roasted potatoes, red paprika garlic mayonnaise and coarse salt
25,90 €
Gratin cannelloni with three roasted meats and béchamel sauce
16,50 €
Carpaccio with parmesan, semi-dry tomato and arugula
18,50 €
Hummus with crispy vegetables and toasts
14,50 €
Steamed vegetables with seaweed mayonnaise
16,50 €


Fish and Seafood paella
30,60 €
Seasonal vegetable paella
19,45 €
Creamy spiny lobster rice
36,40 €
Noodle "Rossejat" with cuttlefish and prawns
24,50 €
Mixted paella
25,80 €

Bread service (per person) 2,10€.
Please let your waiter know if you do not wish to be served.


Strawberries and tomatoes gazpacho, fresh cheese and oil pearls
16,90 €
Seasonnal tomato salad, tuna belly and spring onion
17,80 €
Monkfish and prawn cannelloni with crustacean cream
31,60 €
Burrata with cherry tomatoes and pesto sauce
17,20 €
Noodles in a seafood casserole with monkfish, clams and prawns
26,50 €
Low temperatura egg, parmentier and crusty breadcrumbs
16,50 €
Duck and pear ravioli with Parmesan cheese cream
15,50 €
Pork feet carpaccio, toasted pine nuts and foie
21,30 €
Organic beef sirloin from the Pyrenees with Padrón peppers
33,50 €
Baked little monkfish from Roses with potatoes, rehashed garlic and chili pepper
25,40 €
Cod "a la llauna" width "ganxet" beans
29,20 €


Grilled monkfish with sautéed vegetables
30,70 €
Turbot with sping onion, garlic shoots, olives, tomato and chilli pepper
31,80 €
Grilled bluefin tuna with vegetables and honey and soy sauce with sesame
32,50 €
Grilled cod with sweet onion, ink and pesto sauce
28,30 €
Monkfish in marinera sauce with potatoes and clams
34,50 €
Sea bass or beam (Baked, in salt or Biscayan style) served with sautéeed vegetables
Grilled sole with sautéed vegetables
31,60 €

Bread service (per person) 2,10€.
Please let your waiter know if you do not wish to be served.


Slow-roasted lamb shoulder, cooked at 63º for 20h. with potatoes, onion and tomato
33,50 €
Veal tenderloin matured 30 days with tarragon cream and potato gratin
33,20 €
Stone-fried veal tenderloin matured 30 days with Padrón peppers
33,20 €
Veal cheek over mashed potatoes and vegetable chips
26,50 €
Organic veal burger from the Pyrenees with seasoned potatoes
17,90 €
Steak tartare with its condiments and small dried fruit and nut toasts
32,50 €
Stone grillet T-Bone (800 grams) with french fries and Padrón peppers
66.00 €


Our facilities are not gluten free, but the dishes can be made with the minimum possible traces. Consult us when placing your order.
We have the allergen cards of all the dishes for your reference.
All raw or semi-cooked products are served in compliance with Royal Decree 1420/2006